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Vape Canyon 120ml

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-VOODOO BLUE - Shaved ice drizzled with Whitebark Raspberry syrup,  MAX VG (70/30)

-VOODOO RED - Shaved ice drizzled with Tigers Blood syrup.Tigers Blood imparts the sweetness of watermelon and strawberry together along with a hint of coconut,MAX VG (70/30)

-BANANA BREAD -Baked banana bread fresh out of the oven!,MAX VG (80/20

-AUNT SAL'S CUSTARD - Aunt Sal is known for making some of the most delicious bakery e-juices in town. Enjoy hot vanilla custard that's been blended with crumbled confectionery crackers and topped with caramelized brown sugar. MAX VG (80/20)

-RADBERRY- Dark, thick and loaded full of berries. MAX VG (80/20)

-SMURFS BRAINS - Pomegranate and blueberries mixed with a light taffy note, MAX VG (90/10)

-THUG JUICE RED -  Fruit Mix, Menthol , MAX VG (90/10)

-THUG JUICE BLUE -We've taken the original Thug Juice formula and pumped it full of grapes to give you a true "Purple Drank" flavour,  80/20 (VG/PG)

-CHERNOBYL CHILL -Beat the heat with a burst of 80s juicy goodness. Remember those cheap ice blocks back in the 80s? Turn that into a e-juice and you've now got the perfect summer vape ,70/30

-UNICORN BLOOD -Unicorn Blood is a blend of four different creams mixed with fresh strawberries.MAX VG (80/20)

-STRAWBERRY CYBER MILK - Strawberry Milk, what more is there to say! MAX VG (80/20)

-ATOMIC PIE -We've sucked the life essence from the best part of an apple pie, the filling and turned it into an e-juice!MAX VG (80/20)

-TURBO CREAM -You'll either love it or hate it when it comes to Turbo Cream. Made for those who enjoy cantaloupe, you'll find a delicate, light melon vape with hints of cream and vanilla. MAX VG (85/15)

-CANDY BARON STRAWMELON BUBBLEGUM-Do you love bubblegum? How about watermelon and strawberry? Then look no further, this e-juice might be right up your alley! We've combined the juiciest and sweetest flavour notes from these two fruits and merged them together with a bubblegum, no sour rind notes, no off-putting over ripened notes, just pure bubblegum goodness!, MAX VG (80/20)

-CANDY BARON GUMMY PEACH RINGS-Who remembers popping gummy rings on their fingers and getting told off for smearing our sticky hands all over the show. Well say goodbye to sticky hands and vape into these gummy rings for a healthy dose of peach flavor that will make your mouth water,MAX VG (80/20)

-CANDY BARON COLA GUMMY BOTTLES-As you already know we love to replicate our favourite 80's classics. This time we're back with another smash hit, introducing Candy Baron Cola Gummy Bottles. Say goodbye to those healthy all natural modern gummy snacks that you've been eating and feast your taste buds on this, it's sugar coated, powder coated and it tastes as unhealthy as an early 80's diet pill!  MAX VG (80/20)

-CANDY BARON PURPLE LOLLYPOPS -Back in the day purple flat heads were almost always the first to disappear when friends and family brought over a bag of lollypops. To start off our new candy line we've smashed them down into little peices and distilled them into our latest creation "Purple Lollypops", enjoy! MAX VG (70/30)

-BANANA MILK -Silky smooth banana milk,: MAX VG (80/20)

-APRICOT YOGURT -Fresh from the punnet, Oak Springs Pastures Apricot Yogurt , 80/20 (VG/PG)

-RY-4 CLASSIC-Enjoy a classic RY-4 ejuice with nutty overtones.  MAX VG (80/20)

-RY-4 SUPREME -Enjoy a full bodied RY-4 ejuice that has been crafted to perfection.Subtle tobacco and cinnamon notes accentuated with vanilla and supported by warm caramel.(80/20)





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